The Different Parts of Me *RANT* (ft. @thrumylenz__ and @cholmes__)

A yearly pattern I’ve noticed suggests that throughout the entirety of every November, I’m forced into multiple challenging, heart-breaking, or stressful situations. While scrolling back to memories from previous Novembers in my camera roll, the pain and sadness I’d experienced came flooding back into my mind. Some may perceive that I look happy in those pictures, but only I know how incredibly miserable I truly felt. The one thing that […]

What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

On multiple crime-based TV shows, the term “narcissist” is often used to refer to criminals who display psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies. In everyday life, “narcissist” is defined as being vain or thinking too highly of oneself. However, narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is an actual psychological diagnosis that occurs more often than people think.      Displaying confidence in oneself is not what characterizes NPD. Instead, just like other personality disorders, NPD has […]

3 Theme Studio Photoshoot (ft. @christopherleslie)

Anyone who has met me and had at least one conversation with me knows my heavy interest in astrology/zodiac signs. People are always astounded that my interest only started in May 2019, yet I base so much of my thinking on the astrological system. Then, they proceed with the typical questions, “wait so do you hate certain people just because they’re a certain sign?” or “yeah but isn’t this just […]

Savant Syndrome: Natural Born Geniuses?

Temple Grandin, an author and public speaker/advocate for autism, claims that animals typically behave like people with autism. While Grandin’s work with autism can be a blog in itself, a LiveScience article by Marc Bekoff disproves her claims using a study titled, “Are Animals Autistic Savants?” Long story short, the answer is no, but what I wanted to focus on is what Bekoff means by “savants” and more specifically, savant […]

2 Downtown Houston Shoots! (ft. @bryanphotography and @francismajorpain)

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve been insanely busy with private shoots, public events, starting classes at Rice again, and just basic curveballs that life throws at people. However, here are two shoots that I had a great time at with Bryan and Francis! Their links are at the bottom of this blog.  The shoot with Bryan was much more last minute (but just as fun 🤪) and was located […]